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Another Studio replaces walls with storage to transform apartment into own workspace

The architects of Bulgarian office Another Studio removed walls from an apartment and replaced them with customised shelving systems to create themselves a personalised workspace.

Studio space by Another Studio

Studio founders Andrey Andreev and Petya Nikolova, who usually favour minimalist style, wanted to create a homely workspace where they could be comfortable all day, in order to maximise their productivity.

Having recently spent some time in Japan, they wanted to recreate the “purity and serenity” of Japanese architecture, with a pared-back finish of flexible, semi-permeable partitions.

Studio space by Another Studio

To achieve this, they removed all load-bearing walls of the former apartment in Sofia to transform it into an open-plan studio.

They then used plywood to build new partitions, which integrate a mix of shelves, cubbyholes, drawers and cupboards. As these feature openings, they ensure that different areas are visually connected.

Studio space by Another Studio

The architects also added translucent white cotton curtains so that spaces could be further separated if necessary.

“We believe one of architecture’s main tasks is to make connections,” Nikolova told Dezeen.

“That doesn’t mean we favour open-plans by all means – the comfort and quality of the workspace which is essential to any creative work is absent in both cubicles, small rooms with no air and large open-space offices.”

Studio space by Another Studio

“So in the case of our workspace, considering its size and specifics, we decided to demolish almost all non-bearing walls and use other elements – curtains, libraries, a sliding door – to define the different areas without actually separating them,” she continued.

“We believe this strengthens the spirit of teamwork without ‘robbing’ anybody of his own personal space.”

Studio space by Another Studio

The studio comprises two main work areas, a space for physical modelling, a meeting room, a kitchen, a bathroom and two terraces.

The plywood bookshelves double as furniture, to make the rooms as space-efficient as possible.

Between the meeting room and modelling space, the bookcase hosts removable elements that form seating and side tables when required, and the unit separating the kitchen and studio space has a built-in coat rack.

Studio space by Another Studio

Flooring differentiates the rooms, from various arrangements of oak parquets to decorative ceramic tiles. These tiles are intended to resemble carpets scattered in the space, creating a homely atmosphere.

Studio space by Another Studio

The architects chose a variety of seats for the space, including both mid-century and contemporary designs.

A key furniture piece is the large central desk, which consists of three modules assembled in a Y shape to make space for five or six people to work together.

Other details include large pot plants, large low-hanging light bulbs and doorways with pointed arch shapes.

Studio space by Another Studio

Andreev and Nikolova are the latest in a series of architects to come up with creative storage solutions for their own studio.

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12 minimalist …

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12 minimalist office interiors where there’s plenty of space to think

If the old adage “tidy desk, tidy mind” holds true, then the workers at these 12 minimalist offices are at their mental peak.From an advertising agency in Buenos Aires to a TV studio in Bangkok and the headquarters of Aesop in London, take a tour of some of the best calm and pared-back workspaces around the globe.


Kinfolk magazine office by Norm Architects

Danish studio Norm Architects took influences from both Scandinavian and Japanese design to create this pared-back gallery and workspace for Kinfolk magazine in central Copenhagen.

A palette of wood and plaster in muted tones creates an informal, home-like environment that is more akin to a lounge than an office.

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Dynamo office by Anne Sophie Goneau

Canadian designer Anne Sophie Goneau transformed part of an old building into this workspace for tech company Dynamo, located in a part of Montreal that has become a creative hub.

The designer used glass, drywall and the existing concrete structure. The floors are painted dark blue, and the kitchen is fitted with light-grey lacquered cabinetry.

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68 Claremont Free Space by Tom Chung Studio

Canadian firm Tom Chung Studio converted an industrial space in downtown Toronto into Free Space, an office and events facility with furniture that can be easily reconfigured.

The studio created a series of rooms, with a drapery track system that enables the space to be reconfigured for different uses. Materials are economical, hard-wearing and required little or no finishing.

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Circus office by It Met

Argentinian studio It Met used corrugated plastic and sheets of wood to partition the workspaces of this advertising agency in Buenos Aires.

The It Met team wanted to adapt the building to better suit the nature of the company, and decided to create versatile spaces through the use of translucent, opaque and soundproof panels.

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Atelier Peter Fong by Lukstudio

White boxes contain different spaces for socialising and working inside the cafe and co-working space Atelier Peter Fong in Guangzhou, which was recently fitted out by Lukstudio.

Lukstudio’s concept involves containing different areas within a series of voids. The voids, which appear as white boxes on the building’s facade, encompass a cafe, brainstorming area, meeting room and a breakout lounge.

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Aesop head office by Post-Office

Philippe Malouin’s design studio Post-Office used a minimal colour palette and custom-designed furniture to turn a London warehouse into the UK head office of skincare brand Aesop.

Located within a former manufacturing warehouse in Bloomsbury, the 232-square-metre space is split into two rooms – both with a pared-back look designed to respect the original building.

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Green 26 production office by Anonymstudio

Splashes of green are used throughout this Thai TV production office in Bangkok, revamped by Thai firm Anonymstudio.

Contrasting green and white ceilings and walls feature throughout the 60-square-metre office. The working space is simple and spacious, furnished by a long desk in dark green and contrasting white chairs.

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The Garage by Neri&Hu

Shanghai studio Neri&Hu has converted a former missile factory in Beijing into this car repair garage and offices with an industrial-style metal staircase.

Preserving as much of the original building as possible, Neri&Hu juxtaposed metalwork and grey paintwork with refined walnut timber and brushed bronze elements that recall the craftsmanship of antique cars.

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KAAN Architecten office by KAAN Architecten

Dutch studio KAAN Architecten works in offices of its own design in Rotterdam, featuring coarse concrete columns, smooth white walls and rich walnut floorboards.

KAAN Architecten converted the 1950s De Nederlandsche Bank building to create its 1,400-square-metre headquarters. It describes the office’s utilitarian layout with refined details as “functionalism with added value”.

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The Modern House by The Modern House and Assemble’s Louis Schulz

Tables and desks by Louis Schulz from Turner Prize-winning studio Assemble are paired with vintage furniture and contemporary artworks in the office of architecture-led estate agent The Modern House.

The aim was to create a space the reflects the ethos of the brand, which specialises in the sale and letting of Modernist houses.

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Sogetsu Kaikan office by Nendo

Japanese design studio Nendo designed a set of mirrored interiors for a cafe and office in Tokyo’s Kenzo Tange-designed Sogetsu Kaikan building.

The building’s L-shaped corridors are flanked by mirrored sections framed in black, which echo the building’s aluminium window frames. Pale wooden floors change grain to indicate the relative position of the centre’s exterior reflective wall.

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Squint/Opera animation studio by Sibling

Australian design studio Sibling installed a grid system based on 3D rendering programmes to define the working areas within the Melbourne headquarters of digital animation studio Squint/Opera.

As well as defining work spaces, the white-coated steel mesh grid is also designed to create a level of privacy while allowing views through the office.

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Allianz Offices…

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Harnessing inspirations from Allianz’s slogan, ‘The world belongs to those who dare’, the design concept pushed boundaries with a design element called “The Spine”.

“The Spine” is a timber-cladded central hub featuring five individual themes for meeting facilities, embodying the essence of Allianz’s people, clients and products, with the remainder of the office space sprouting from this design feature.

The work space evokes more of an incubator start-up look and feel, rather than the traditional style associated with a financial services company.

To create an agile and flexible working environment, the office was designed with the right mix of open and private spaces. Every employee is not assigned a desk, hence providing them the autonomy to switch environments as they spend time executing different activities throughout the day.

The design elements of the office feature come together to display a burst of creativity and vibrant feel; it reflects the diverse inhabitants and stirs excitement upon arrival. Columns layered with pseudo-bricks, corridors lined with planters and natural daylight streaming in, is an apparent contribution to the new surge of energy within the office.

DesignRealys Group
PhotographyOwen Raggett

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Bunny Run Residence

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Girard Avenue Residence

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North Dakota Residence

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Luxury Home 2016

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University Avenue, CA

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Edgcumbe Road Residence

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