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by alex |3 July, 2017 |4 Comments | Office Design

Harnessing inspirations from Allianz’s slogan, ‘The world belongs to those who dare’, the design concept pushed boundaries with a design element called “The Spine”.

“The Spine” is a timber-cladded central hub featuring five individual themes for meeting facilities, embodying the essence of Allianz’s people, clients and products, with the remainder of the office space sprouting from this design feature.

The work space evokes more of an incubator start-up look and feel, rather than the traditional style associated with a financial services company.

To create an agile and flexible working environment, the office was designed with the right mix of open and private spaces. Every employee is not assigned a desk, hence providing them the autonomy to switch environments as they spend time executing different activities throughout the day.

The design elements of the office feature come together to display a burst of creativity and vibrant feel; it reflects the diverse inhabitants and stirs excitement upon arrival. Columns layered with pseudo-bricks, corridors lined with planters and natural daylight streaming in, is an apparent contribution to the new surge of energy within the office.

DesignRealys Group
PhotographyOwen Raggett

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